302 Marketing Redirect

A podcast about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (marketing? entrepreneurship?) Yeah... Good Luck!


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302 Marketing Redirect
After Hours Marketing with Bridget & Jen
This is a show from two nerdy women in marketing who run their own businesses. We met on camera once and thought this would be fun. We'll talk about marketing, fun stories, entrepreneurship, and honestly, since neither of us knows what's coming out of our mouths next ... we don't know what we'll be talking about. BUCKLE UP and GOOD LUCK.

About your hosts

Jen McFarland

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👋 I’m Jen. I’m an MPA with more than 25 years of training, teaching, and executive experience in leadership, project management, and digital marketing.

In a previous life, I led large-scale public sector projects for the City of Portland, affecting more than 50,000 businesses and handling millions of dollars.

But today, I pour my heart and soul into my small business marketing consultancy and podcast, Women Conquer Business, and my new subscription course platform, Epiphany Courses.

I am 100% THAT marketing tech nerd who just plain loves helping people solve their hairiest problems.

In summary: I am an uber-nerd who loves dad jokes and helping leaders find more joy in their work. I am approachable, I am a goofball, and I swear on my right eyeball that I will NEVER get judgy or sanctimonious on you.

Bridget Willard

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Author of several marketing books, Bridget Willard is a teacher who focuses on building relationships. Small businesses benefit from consults that result in an actionable strategy to focus their effort -- and budgets. Bridget's services include in-house training, marketing strategy, copywriting, and social media account management.

Her plugin “Launch With Words” is a value-add for developers to help those clients use their websites — publishing blog posts monthly.

To empower small business owners, she writes, teaches, presents to small groups, and creates tutorials.

When she’s not inspiring small businesses, she is spending time with her friends, learning languages, or enjoying San Antonio.

Say hi to her on Twitter at @BridgetMWillard.